About Us

Les Precieux is Singapore's leading bespoke jeweler that specializes in creating beautiful sapphire, gemstone and diamond engagement rings, wedding bands as well as personal bridal and private jewelry. 

Commitment to Excellence

We started with a passion and vision, that everyone should be wearing that fabulous piece of jewelry that sparkle their personality and beholds the special moments in life.The possibilities of bespoke jewelry are literally limitless. One of the key difference between our jewelry and mass produced jewelry or be it any other jewelry, making them truly one of a kind. Meticulously handcrafted by our local master craftsmen with decades of mastery and skill, Les Precieux jewelry are held to the highest standards with our willingness for perfection every single day. We have a very personalized platform for the creation of your jewelries. In Les Precieux, we truly care about making a difference through our dedication to the highest standard of customer service by being committed to meet and exceed expectations of all our clients.

Mission Statement

The mission of Les Precieux is to spread love and bring colors to the world through the creations of our engagement/wedding rings and jewelry. 

Les Precieux Sapphire & Gemstone Quality

All of our sapphires and gemstones are 100% eye clean, natural and free from any treatment. They are produced from the finest rough material handpicked by our gemological experts and subsequently cut and polished by our master cutters to maximize their color, clarity and brilliance instead of size.

Most of them belongs to the rare 1% unheated category as 99% of sapphires and gemstones are all heated in the market. They are also accompanied by third party gemological certification from reputable local or international gemological laboratories.

Les Precieux Signature Super Ideal Cut Round Brilliant Diamond

We carry in limited quantities the top light performing Ideal Cut triple excellent (3EX) / 8 Hearts and Arrows (H&A) round brilliant cut diamonds in the market accompanied with double Gemological Institute America (GIA) and American Gem Society Laboratories (AGS) Ideal Cut with Light Performance certification.

Each diamond is selected in approximate 1:100 ratio among other GIA graded 3EX diamonds based on ASET analysis, top hca scores, specific angles, proportions and dimensions to qualify for AGS Ideal Cut making it the top 1% of the 3EX round diamonds available in the market as not all GIA certified 3EX diamonds are AGS Ideal Cut with perfect ASET, consistent Hearts & Arrows and optimal Light Performance.

Of the available organizations, we choose AGS to provide credible third party evaluation for the ASET, Hearts & Arrows and Light Performance of Les Precieux Signature Collection - Super Ideal Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, with respect for their strong and proven commitment to cut grading as a priority for our clients.

Les Precieux Signature Fancy Shape Diamonds

Our Signature Fancy Shape Diamonds are the crème de la crème selection of the rarest top 0.5% GIA Certified Diamonds in the market and are available in limited pieces from 0.30 - 10.00cts in various shapes with Premium Sizes, Top Tier Clarity  and Ideal Length to Width Ratio(fancy shapes only). Our inventory are usually kept within D/E/F color, IF to minimum of VS clarity. Besides the classic round brilliant, Les Precieux have premium fancy shape diamonds like the Cushion, Oval, Heart, Pear, Marquise, Asscher and rare exclusive Fancy Color diamonds in Pink, Yellow, Green.

All our diamonds are cut directly from different mine roughs around the world in our partnering mines and factories using a combination of the best craftsmen and technologies. Each and every single diamond is specially selected, cut and polished for their quality and brilliance to optimize light return, fire and scintillation. Therefore, we are also able to provide very competitive prices which allows our clients to own jewellery as an appreciating long term investment asset.

Les Precieux Signature Setting Style

Our willingness for perfection over the decades has enabled us to master The Finest Micropave Settings which normally 10 times more difficult to produce than any normal traditional setting. This exceptionally difficult way of setting the smallest diamonds on a piece of jewelry is made uncomplicated with the highest finesse and dedicated worksmanship of our local mastercraftsmen in composition of D-F color VVS-VS clarity diamonds melee , top quality argyle melee pink diamonds and precious metals like 18K White/Rose Gold and 950 Platinum. Cutting-edge and precision can only be achieved when you have the right combination of cutters and setters. Our highly-trained master setters work hand-in-hand with master polishers, all under one roof.  Our local master craftsmen combine quality craftsmanship, extensive, in-depth experience and a desire for exacting excellence.

Les Precieux creates jewellery that are timeless classics to limited editions couture pieces of extraordinary high quality. Every piece of the jewelry is fabricated individually so the fit and positioning of stones will always be immaculate. Every piece is built to size, bone structure & to individual client skin tone. This is the reason why our clients can find their own special radiance and personal empowerment from our jewellery. Clients are guaranteed to receive the highest quality jewellery which are unique, connoisseur pieces conceived by our master craftsmen. These private jewellery are worthy investment pieces meant to be passed on to future generations.

Les Precieux services clients through appointment-only basis retaining the intimacy of a private business, working with each and every client personally. Les Precieux jewelry has been featured in luxury magazines such as PrestigeL'Officiel   for the past 2 years. Les Precieux is also an extended member of the Belgium Diamond Exchange, DDC NY Club, Israeli Diamond Exchange, JBT (Jewelry Board of trade), The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct,, GIA (Gemological Institute of America).