Les Precieux is an exclusive jewelry house in Singapore specializing in bespoke diamond engagement rings and wedding bands as well as gemstones engagement and wedding rings.

Les Precieux’s Signature Diamonds belongs to our Finest Super Ideal Cut Triple Excellent Perfect Hearts & Arrows Diamond Collection, the crème de la crème selection of the top 1% of diamonds in the market in brilliance, fire and scintillation, used for designing and creating our classic solitaires and micropave diamond engagement rings. Besides the classic round diamond, Les Precieux also carrys fancy-shaped diamond diamond engagement rings like the Oval, Marquise, Pear, Cushion, and Asscher cuts, as well as rare natural fancy colored diamond engagement rings in pink, yellow, blue and green etc. Les Precieux also has an exciting gemstone engagement ring collection comprising of the finest unheated sapphires in blues, pinks and purples, unheated rubies in pigeon blood, fine Columbian emeralds, top pink tourmalines & red spinels and top santa maria blue aquamarines, available in both loose gem pieces or set in our exclusive bespoke gemstones engagement ring collection. 

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