1. The Perfect Ideal Cut: What is a Les Precieux Super Ideal Round Brilliant  and their difference?

The Les Precieux Super Ideal Round Brilliant brings together the best of two worlds: Super Ideal Cut and Perfect Hearts and Arrows. Once the very strict measurements of Super Ideal meet the perfect symmetry of H&A, the fire of the stone becomes quite incomparable. Our Signature Diamonds are the Crème De La Crème Selection of the rarest top 0.5% GIA Certified Diamonds in the market and are available in limited pieces from 0.30 - 10.00cts in various shapes with Top HCA Scores(rounds only), Premium Sizes and Top Tier Clarity. Tested with the most stringent gemological tools measuring light performance in HCA, ASET, IDEAL SCOPE, SARIN etc, our Signature Perfect Super Ideal Cut comes through every one of them with unparalleled results. The perfection in the cut allows for no surprise once the diamond is set, and the homogenity in our cutting will become one with your jewelry and bring light to its originality and owner. The Les Precieux Super Ideal Round Brilliant Cut took years in research and making. Thanks to our state of the art equipment and the willingness to achieve perfection in excellence, we are proud to offer you a diamond with such light, fire and scintillation that it will enhance any jewelry piece. 

All our diamonds are cut directly from different mine roughs around the world in our selected partnering mines and factories using a combination of the best craftsmen and technologies. Each and every single diamond is specially selected, cut and polished for their quality and brilliance to optimize light return, fire and scintillation. Therefore, we are also able to provide the best market prices which allows our clients to own jewellery as an appreciating long term investment asset. 

 No matter what the color or clarity, all our diamonds ranging from 0.005cts to 10.00cts are cut to Ideal Cut proportions using strict GIA 3EX and AGS Triple Zero gemological standards. The term "Hearts and Arrows" originated in Japan in the late 1980’s and arrived in the US in the mid 1990’s. When looking at H&A diamonds you can distinguish 2 things: from the top called the crown, a diamond shows an arrow pattern and when flipped over to the pavilion side, a eight heart pattern with small 'V' shapes. Thanks to the H&A viewer you can see those lovely kaleidoscopic patterns appear in front of your eye. When the patterns are visible at a single glance, it indicates the diamond has Perfect Hearts & Arrows. What makes the Les Precieux Diamonds so unique is that we apply the strict rules of Super Ideal cutting craftsmanship to even the smallest diamonds in industry standard and cut them to immaculate precision. At Les Precieux we cut all our diamonds Super Ideal AND with Perfect Hearts and Arrows, even melees! We are one of the few jewelers in the world that uses Super Ideal AND Perfect Hearts and Arrows melee diamonds(0.003cts - 0.29cts) for our jewelry settings.

2. What is the difference between the Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation of a Les Precieux Signature Diamond?

When designing a diamond Cut, two primary factors are considered. Foremost is the refractive index (RI) of a diamond, responsible for its brilliance. Also important is a diamond's dispersive power—the ability of the material to split white light into its component spectral colors. The flashes of spectral colors—known as fire—are a function of this dispersion. 
Brilliance can be divided into the definitions external brilliance and internal brilliance:

a. External brilliance is the light reflected from the surface of the stone—its luster. The quality of a finished stone's polish will determine how well a diamond's luster is borne out.
b. Internal brilliance is the percentage of incident light reflected back to the viewer from the rear (pavilion) facets. The goal is to attain total internal reflection (TIR) by choosing carefully the crown and pavilion angle.
If the pavilion is too shallow, light meets the pavilion facets within the critical angle, and is refracted (i.e., lost) through the pavilion bottom into the air. If the pavilion is too deep, light is initially reflected outside the critical angle on one side of the pavilion, but meets the opposite side within the critical angle and is then refracted out the side of the stone.

The term scintillation brilliance is applied to the number and arrangement of light reflections from the internal facets; that is, the degree of "sparkle" seen when the stone or observer moves. Scintillation is dependent on the size, number, and symmetry of facets, as well as on quality of polish. The brilliance of our diamonds no matter its color or clarity renders justice to the quality of our rough diamond material and the skill and passion of our craftsmanship.

3. What are Les Precieux Signature Premium Fancy Shape Diamonds and their difference?

Les Precieux Signature Premium Fancy Shape Diamonds are the Best Measured Fancy Shape Diamonds in their Length to Width Ratios and demonstrate Optimal Light Performance in both IS/ASET Test. For certain fancy shapes, they are exclusively cut for Minimal Bowtie Effect as well. Les Precieux Signature Premium Fancy Shapes are undoubtedly the among the best selections of fancy shapes in the market, on par or even better than the fancy shapes carried in some of the world's reowned jewelry stores. 

4. What are Les Precieux Exclusive Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds?

Natural fancy colored diamonds are known world wide as being extremely rare. Unlike white diamonds which still exist in nature in large quantities, fancy color diamonds constitute less than 0.1% of the quantity of rough diamonds manufactured globally, every year, and this quantity is steadily shrinking. Fancy colored diamonds are increasingly viewed as a long term investment item for the rich in recent times while being able to enjoy wearing them at the same time.

They are are highly favoured by Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham and Mariah Carey etc. These much sought after diamonds are sold througout the year in major auction houses such as Christie's and Sothebys to collectors and investors from all over the world. Les Precieux Exclusive Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are an exclusive collection of fancy colored diamonds in blue, pink, green and yellow available to our clients for bespoke customization.

5. What is the meaning of having "Top Tier Clarity"?

Les Precieux ensures all our clients are receiving only the top 10% tier of the diamonds that belongs to each clarity grade by bringing to our inventory only the best diamonds that is free from any faults, breaks or black dots in the middle of the diamond table. This is especially important if you are selecting a diamond in the GIA clarity grade between VS-SI. 

6. What does the term "Melee" represent?

Melee is a small diamond used in embellishing settings or mounting for larger gems. They can be often known as the "side diamonds" with the center stone as the main focus.

7. What does the term "Micropave" represent?

Micropave refers to a precision stone setting technique done only under high magnification of up to 40X. Using micro melee diamonds, that are sieved through for uniformity in size, these stones are set densely with very small prongs arranged in perfect rows. This exceptionally difficult way of setting the smallest diamonds on a piece of jewelry is made uncomplicate with the highest finesse and dedicated worksmanship of our mastercraftsmen in composition of D-F color VVS-VS clarity diamonds melees , top quality argyle melee pink diamonds and precious metals like 18K White/Rose Gold and 950 Platinum. Cutting-edge and precision can only be achieved when you have the right combination of cutters and setters. Our highly-trained master setters work hand-in-hand with master polishers, all under one roof.  These craftsmen combine quality craftsmanship, extensive, in-depth experience and a desire for exacting excellence.


1. What kind of metals do Les Precieux work with?

We work with both 18K White, Pink, Yellow Gold and 950 Platinum.

2. What is White Gold?

 In the world of jewellery, white gold is also known as gray gold. It is a gold alloy to which small quantities of palladium or nickel have been added to give it a luminous white sheen. In our workshop, our craftsmen polish white gold pieces to create a smooth and shiny appearance. The precious metal’s takes on a brilliant sheen once a thin layer of rhodium metal has been plated over it, heightening the lustre and whiteness of the gold. All Les Precieux 18K white gold jewellery are stamped with a hallmark of 750 certifying its purity of gold.

3. What is Pink Gold?

Pink gold is also known as Rose or Red gold. The sparkling hue of pink gold graces jewels with a luminous shimmer. Pink gold also has a unique contemporary charm that exudes elegance. All Les Precieux 18K pink gold jewellery are stamped with a hallmark of 750 certifying its purity of gold.

4. What is Yellow Gold?

The only precious metal to possess a yellow color in its natural state. Gold jewellery retains its original luster for thousands of years. It is also the most malleable metal, hence, other metals such as silver and copper are added to strengthen it, creating an alloy. 24K gold is 100% pure, with no added metals. In Les Precieux, we create mainly 18K gold jewellery. Les Precieux 18K yellow gold jewellery are stamped with a hallmark of 750 certifying its purity of gold.

5. What is Platinum? 

Platinum has been coveted by jewellers for thousands of years. Platinum is extremely rare and difficult to mine. As a precious metal, it is used practically pure in a 95% alloy. Its rarity, purity, and white color lend exceptional sparkle and luminosity to diamonds and settings. Once a jewellery has been created, it will retain its original form forever. Platinum is also hypoallergenic. Les Precieux platinum jewellery are stamped with a hallmark of 950 certifying its purity.

6. The differences between White Gold and Platinum, which is better? 


The purity of a platinum diamond engagement ring is usually higher than that of a gold ring, with the exception of 24 karat gold, which is 100% gold. Platinum is graded by a sterling number that represents parts per thousand of pure platinum. 950 sterling is 95% platinum while white gold engagement rings are often 18kt, which is 75% pure.


Both white gold and platinum are "white" in color. However, the color of white gold is actually due to its alloys and plating.A white gold wedding or ring is usually plated with a very hard, white metal known as rhodium. To maintain the full whiteness of a white gold engagement ring, the rhodium must be replated about every year. A platinum ring is naturally "white" and does not require plating. Platinum can lose its luster over time and become grayer, but this can be improved with professional polishing.


Though rhodium-plated white gold and platinum jewelry are virtually indistinguishable to the casual eye, there is a significant difference in weight. Platinum is a very dense material and therefore much heavier than white gold. 


Platinum is an extremely rare metal that is 60% denser than gold. It is also less malleable than gold, which means that more labor is required to create a platinum ring or wedding band than one made from white gold. For reasons of weight, rarity, purity and labor, platinum jewelry costs much more than white gold jewelry. However, because of platinum's natural beauty, endurance and low maintenance requirements, it is an ideal choice for long-term daily wear.


Hand-worn jewelry inevitably receives many invisible scratches that dull its appearance. The difference between platinum rings and white gold rings is that these so-called micro-scratches do not remove platinum from the ring. Burnishing a platinum ring will smooth out the furrows and restore the ring's original appearance. To renew the luster of a white gold ring, a small amount of metal is often added during polishing to replace the gold lost to scratching.


1. Do you only set diamonds in your engagement rings?

Each Les Precieux engagement ring is custom made, we can set virtually any precious or semi-precious gemstone into our settings.

2. Can any of your engagement rings or wedding bands be set with birthstones, colored diamonds, or other semi-precious gems?

Yes. Les Precieux Jewelry are designed to accommodate diamonds, precious or semi precious stones. We also have a special collection of fancy color diamonds, precious & semi precious stones for your selection.

3. Do Les Precieux have other products besides engagement rings and wedding bands?

Yes we do. Our Timeless collection include solitaire earrings and tennis bracelets for everyday wear. And, we have our own private collection of Bespoke jewellery which are all one of a kind item. We also carry two brands in Fope and Boaz Kashi.

4. Do Les Precieux provide customization services?

Yes we provide customization services for our clients to add a special meaning to their intended jewellery piece. 

5. How are Les Precieux products made?

In order to ensure that all Les Precieux products are created with the utmost care and quality, we personally oversee the makings of all our products in our workshop, with stringent quality check to the highest standards.


1. Can I get my purchased ring or any other jewelry piece resized if it does not fit well?

Any purchase of a Les Precieux jewelry piece automatically qualifies you for a complimentary resizing within 90days of its purchase date.

Please note that resizing is not always possible on every jewelry piece as certain designs have their limitations in this aspect. Additional charges apply.


1. What is the delivery lead time of Les Precieux products?

For all items made in 18K White,Pink and Yellow gold, the standard leadtime is 25-30 working days. For all items made in 950 platinum, the standard leadtime is 35-40 working days.

For all items sent to us for servicing , the standard leadtime is 10 working days. 

Should you have any deadline to meet, arrangement can be made to expedite the item(s) for you upon request. However, it is recommended to allow us to work with the stated leadtime in order for us to deliver the perfect product for you. Every piece of our products are handcrafted to achieve the highest standard quality for our customers.


1. What are your modes of payment plans?

We offer a variety of payment methods. You may refer to "Payment Policy " under policy for more information.