Sapphires & Precious Gemstones


Undoubtedly coming to a decade since we started in 2010, there have been a paradigm shift from purchasing a traditional diamond engagement ring off retail stores to bespoke personalised pieces centered with SAPPHIRES, PADPARADSCHAS and PRECIOUS gemstones like alexandrites, rubies and emeralds. Even more so in recent years, SEMI-PRECIOUS gemstones like spinels, tourmalines, aquamarines, morganites, tsavorites and garnets etc are popular with couples due to their affordability, colors and clarity.

LES PRECIEUX sapphires, precious and semi-precious gemstones are 100% eye clean, natural and free from any treatment. Most of our inventory belongs to the rare 1% unheated category as 99% of sapphires and gemstones are all heated in the market. Our gems are produced from the finest rough material quality sourced worldwide directly from different mines by our gemological experts and subsequently cut and polished by our master cutters to maximize their color, clarity and brilliance. Every single gem undergoes a dynamic process involving direct mine sourcing, rough processing, quality checks, recutting and selection before we present them exclusively with full ownership to our clients. Every single LES PRECIEUX gem belongs exclusively to our own inventory and is always accompanied by third party gemological certification from reputable local or international gemological laboratories.