The Gentlemen Guide

What It Means

When you’re selecting a main stone and ring setting for an engagement ring, you want to make sure that it is the perfect ring for her as she will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life, every day during work, friends or family gatherings. You are a significant part of this decision, and you want to make sure that the ring you’re selecting is representative to her and her family and friends around, of how special she is to you.

The Rock

A diamond is elegant, timeless and classic. As one of the rarest materials on Earth, a diamond takes billions of years to transform from elements deep within the earth’s mantle, whispering characteristics of unparalleled strength, durability and beauty. With these characteristics, a diamond is often considered to be the perfect symbol of love.

The 4Cs

The 4Cs represents the Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut of a diamond. Carat is the weight measurement of a diamond but take note not to use this term interchangeably with the size of a diamond because a diamond heavier in carat weight do not necessary represent that it looks bigger in size from the table view. A diamond's body color starts from D Color (colorless range) all the way to Z Color (yellow). The colorless range in GIA grading terms represents the colors D, E and F while colors G, H and I falls into the slightly colorless range and it goes on to being more yellowish. In simple terms, Color represents how white/colorless the diamond looks. Clarity on the other hand, represents how clean the diamond is. The visibility, type, number and size of inclusions and blemishes determine what is called the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are cleaner create more brilliance and are rarer, and thus are more highly valued and priced. GIA grades Clarity starts from Flawless, Internally Flawless, VVS (Very Very Slightly Included), VS (Very Slightly Included), SI (Slightly Included to I (Included). Lastly, Cut is graded by GIA as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor. Remember the Cut of a diamond does not represent the shape (like round, princess & pear) but how well a diamond has been cut. It is the Cinderella of the 4 C's and will determine how sparkling a diamond will be together with its gushing of fire and play of colors. To achieve an Excellent Cut in GIA grading means the diamond has achieved a certain set of angles and proportions which will allow for high quality brilliance, fire and scintillation

Size Vs Quality

While size is important, we do not recommend you to compromise on the quality of the diamond. D-F color ensures that your stone falls within the colorless range whereas G may be the maximum color to go to in our opinion for an important ring such as an engagement ring. For clarity, a sweet spot lies between VS-VVS which ensures the stone is free from inclusions under naked eye but yet the price remains not over the top. And when you talk about the Cut, Polish or Symmetry of a diamond, they are all important components in bringing out the brilliance, fire and scintillation of a diamond. 

Beyond the 4Cs, our Signature Diamonds belongs to our Super Ideal Round Brilliants which are the crème de la crème selection of the rarest top 0.5% performers in the market. These sparkling beauties return incredible stunning brilliance, fire and scintillation and are available in limited pieces from 0.30 - 10.00cts in Top HCA Scores(rounds only), premium sizes , top tier clarity and Ideal Length to Width Ratio(fancy shapes only). In addition, all of Les Precieux’s diamonds are checked for The Most Perfect Hearts and Arrows (H&A) , fluorescence, diameter measurements, presence of GIA laser inscription number and size to weight ratio etc.

Choosing The Shape

While the round brilliant will always be the most classic shape to go for, there are many other beautiful fancy shapes out there such as cushion, asscher, pear, oval, princess and marquise etc which are popular among the women as well. Remember, the girl always wants something different but yet subtle and elegant while fitting to her own personality and style. 

Enhancing The Center Stone

The seat that your diamond sits in is the ring setting itself, and Les Precieux excels at crafting ring settings to make your diamond look as stunning as possible. For example, one way to perfectly compliment your diamond is to select the ring setting metal as platinum which reflects the whitest possible light; another way to showcase a diamond is to have tiny little diamond enhancers which we call a “Micropave Halo” built around the center stone that essentially enhances the center stone.

Investment Properties

If your budget allows, you may want to consider our special selection of flawless-internally flawless and fancy colored diamonds. Based on the history of diamond prices, these two categories of extremely rare diamonds have yielded the highest returns of investment compared to any other diamond categories for clarity. At the same time, it brings about a sentimental value that represents the purity and commitment of your love to the intended. 

All our diamonds are cut directly from different mine roughs around the world in our partnering factories using a combination of the best craftsmen and technologies. Each and every single diamond is specially selected, cut and polished for their quality and brilliance to optimize light return, fire and scintillation. Therefore without having to pay an exorbitant retail price, we are also able to provide very competitive prices which allows our clients to own jewellery as an appreciating long term investment asset.

Her Ring Design

Often than not, the selection of ring design can be more challenging than selecting the main stone itself. The truth lies in the shape of the diamondis closely interlinked with the ring setting right from the start. Les Precieux do not believe in choosing a diamond first but it has to happen at the same time with a design concurrently unless you already have a fixed shape in mind. While a classic design is always something to choose from, it would not be the truth to say that every girl likes it simple even though the gentlemen may disagree. No matter which ring design is chosen, it is of paramount importance that it is chosen in accordance with the shape and size of the main stone selected, and together, create an effect that will compliment and bring out the lady's personality and style in her everyday life.